Sunday, 31 January 2016

Happy New Year!!

Hi Folks!

Belated Happy New Year to you all!!
I hope 2016 has been gentle to you so far!

I had a wonderful start to the year as we went away for the holiday of a life time for my 50th birthday!!  We went on a 2 week cruise round the Caribbean!!  It was totally amazing but coming back to British weather after being in 28+ degree heat was a bit of a shock to the system!!

Ok so holiday fun over, now Im trying to get my head back in the right place and get stuck back into the real world!! lol
I have quite a few plans which I hope implement this year and some of them do involve trying some new creative stuff so I'm really looking forward to that!!
I am going to try to be a bit better with my blogging as I realised the last time that I posted was in October!!! gulp! how does the time get away from you so quickly!!!
Through those last few months of 2015 I did a lot of fabulous workshops which I had planned to biog..... but as you can see that never quite happened! I am going to try in the next couple of weeks to do some quick snap shots of the workshops I did with some amazing tutors and then get back on track and keep you up to date with what I'm up to!!
Ok, take care everyone!!
xxx hugs xxx

Monday, 5 October 2015

Festival of thrift in Darlington

Hi Folks - hows the autumn treating you all?!
The weekend before last I had a run out to Darlington to the Festival of thrift.  This year was its 3rd year and I have to say it was amazing.  I only managed to get over on the Sunday and I had booked 4 1 hour workshops before hand.  Unfortunately as it was my first time there I hadn't realised that there would be so much going on!! So I didn't get to see much by the time that I did my workshops and grabbed a bit of lunch but I have put it in the diary for next year because I really want to do the 2 days next time.   There were so many stalls, activity's, entertainments and loads of workshops it had your head in a spin.  So if you get the chance to go next year guys, I can really recommend it - you will have an amazing time!!!!

Here are the 4 workshops I had a go at.  Check out the links to the wonderful folks facebook pages!!

Adult chocolate workshop with David and Wendy Sanderson of 'Truly Tempting Chocolate'

Needle felted animals with Geraldine of 'Bean Creative'

Collage tree with the artist Suzie Devey

drinks can jewellery with Kathryn guy 

I want to have a go at all of them again so now I just have to find a stall which sells begs of 'spare time' and 'energy' lol!!!

Have a great month everyone!!!!
hugs xxxxx

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Whimsical Animals with Tracy Scott

Hi everyone!
I has a wonderful time on Sunday at a workshop taught by the wonderful Tracy Scott at AFTH,  I have been looking forward to doing this class ever since I saw the first animal that appeared in Tracy's journal!!!  I knew that I wanted some of these cute critters to appear in some of my work!!
So she got us started laying down some painty backgrounds and then we did a page of test animal sketches and then progressed to putting them into our journal.
This was the first one that appeared by the end of the morning session.

In the afternoon this little panda appeared on another page. 

 I didn't quite get it finished but came home and added the final touches.
I love them, and I have at least 2 on my sketch page which I want to add to my journal - so hopefully I will be able to blog them when they are done!!!
Now I just need the time to do them!!!
I hope all of you managed to find time this month to create something cute!!
Have a great month.
xxxxx HUGZ xxxxx

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Preview day at AFTH - June

Hi everyone - I though I would do a quick post about the preview days at AFTH for those of you who have never been.
They are held every three months and they have samples of all the workshops that will be help for the next 3 months.  You get 10% discount for any classes that you book on the day and there are also 1 hour sample sessions so that you can get to meet the tutors and have a go at a small project.  These tasters are great fun and only cost £5 so are great value for money.
On the last preview day was in June and I did a taster session with the lovely Sandra Botham and we made these fab book mark!!!


The next preview day is on the 3rd of October so if you fancy taking a run along and looking at the workshops and trying your hand at a taster I would strongly recommend it!!!
Oh there is also always coffee, tea and cakes to be had!!! Lol
Hope to see some of you there!! 
xxx hugz xxx

Friday, 11 September 2015

Regular Art Journaling with Kate Crane - September

Hi Folks - sorry I have done very little, or in the case of last month no blog posts recently, I have been unwell a lot over the summer and that has meant a lot of things have had to have been put on the back burner!
However I have still managed to get to quite lot of classes which I would like to do blog posts on - so I'm going to try and catch up on them over the next few weeks.
  So I thought I would start with the last one that I did, which was last weekend with the lovely Kate Crane at AFTH.
She decided to get us working on lettering within our journal pages - not the actual journaling but letters used for titles and decoration.
She had us do a few sample pieces - here are my unfinished ones!

Then we did our journal page itself - using amsterdam paints for the background and choosing one of the great Stampotique figures to colour in with pencil as our focal point.
Here's the page I finished.

This was the quote that Kate used on her sample page and I have to say I thought it was very apt!!
As always with Kates class - I had a great day!
Ok that's it for today!!
Hope you all have a creative weekend!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

July Calendar Journal Page

Hi Folks!!
Well if you have been following my blog over the last few months you will probably be as surprised by this post as I am - I have actually got July's page done and ready for use - pretty much on time!!!!
I cant believe it!!
So I have been trying to do a bit more creating at home to see if I can get my MOJO working and up to speed.  So last month I started the ICAD 2015 challenge - which is to create art on an index card everyday through June and July!! I had great plans .... but life got busy and things didn't progress as I wanted!! so far I have done 7 out of the 34 days... but I keep telling myself that's 7 small bit of art I wouldn't normally have created - so just 'do what you can when you can with what you have'!!!
Well we slid out of June at a shocking rate and here we are in July already so my brain turned to calendar journal pages!!! I read something the other day that made me rethink the way I have been approaching them.  I think I have been putting myself under so much pressure to come up with something new and to use all of the amazing techniques I have learnt at all the workshops that I have done this year that I had been over thinking everything.  So I decided it was time to go back to basics, keep it simple and revisit some of the first techniques I learnt.
This all occurred to me late one night while getting undressed for bed.  So in my underwear I went into the craft room and put on an apron (very strange) and grabbed some paper, Dylusions  and stencil and quickly sprayed down a background!! (I didn't give my MOJO any time to crawl back into whatever dark corner in my head it has been hiding in for months!)
It took me minutes and I loved it!!! Result - ok then it really was time for bed lol!!!
This was it!
So next day (dressed properly this time) I looked at some of the stuff sitting round my desk and I spied some black card I had bought a few days before.  So I gave that a quick spray with perfect pearls mist - dried it - cut it into 1 1/4" squares rounded the corners and stuck them down with cosmic shimmer glue.  I didn't give myself time to mess about trying 19 different ways of placing the squares (like I usually do) - they just got bunged on and I sprayed and dribbled a bit more ink over the squares. 
There was extra squares that I had cut out so I thought they would be good for putting on the month!! So I Die cut the letters out of some already pink sprayed paper from my stash and added on the title. Next a focal piece! Again in the clutter that is currently my crafting desk (Note to self - clear up this mess!!) there were a few Stampotique Original characters which have been stamped for various projects but not used yet so I picked this one of Kate Cranes to use.
With my trusty Inktense pencils and a little bit of distress ink I painted Kate's Angel (moved her wings lol) and added her to the page.  
A little bit of doodling, some Stickles for dimension and bling and some shading with a Stabilo All pencil and it was done!!!

How about trying going back to basics and keep it simple in your creating this month and see what you come up with!!!!
Take care!!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Stampotique Boutique Workshop No2 - Karen Hayselden

Hi everyone!
Well last month the Stampotique Boutique workshop at AFTH was on again run by the lovely and creative Karen Hayselden.  
As always we have to use Stampotique Original stamps  but how they are used and what they are used on is endless!!
So this time Karen had us focused on layering media and on colouring!!  Nothing like a bit of colouring in to chill you out!!!
So our main piece was this gorgeous little canvas decorated with loads of different types of paper, canvas, materiel - you name it and we layered it up!!  This was the perfect back drop for these adorable stamps designed by the lovely Magda Polakow!!

We also started another layout like this but to put onto a card but needless to say I got so carried away with the colouring in that I didn't get the second one finished on the day!! its in my ever growing pile of  'projects to finish'!!!
I hope you all have a play with some of the Stampotique stamps as they are great and can be used to adorn any of your creative projects.
(PS apologies to Magda!  I cut off  'agatha the cooks' hair because I'm not good at fussy cutting then drew it back in again! sorry Magda!!)
Hope you all have a Stampendous week!!