Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Regular Art Journaling with Kate Crane - April

Hi everyone!!
Sunday was our regular art journaling workshop with Kate Crane at AFTH.
This month Kate decided to push herself and us outside our comfort zones and made us do some black and white work!! but we still got to play with some more of her new stamps from Stampotique!!!

This was my first page - ended up more grungy than I wanted but I still like it!

Page 2 - a little bit less messy and I have to say I really do like the touches of Red!! I very rarely use red so this was an additional challenge on this page!

Between Michelle's canvas and Kate's journaling I had a very crafty weekend!! lol
Hope you all managed to step outside your comfort zones this month and create something amazing!!
xxx hugz xxxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Light house Canvas workshop - Michelle Webb

Hi everyone!
I had a great time at the weekend at AFTH in a workshop with wonderfully creative tutor Michelle Webb!  We made a beautiful light house canvas!!

I really enjoyed the day and didn't even worry too much about doing my own writing!!
There are so many layers on the canvas but you cant see them until you are close up!!
My only problem now is trying to find a space on the wall to hang it up!!
Have a great week!!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dyans Regular Journal Workshop - April

Hi everyone - yesterday I was at my home from home AFTH doing the regular journal workshop with Dyan!!  
With it being Easter Friday not only were we being creative but cakes and chocolates had been bought in so as you can imagine we had a really tough day. LOL
Dy had us doing some secret journaling then using her paints and magazine images or her stamps to create a page.
This is the page I did.

I had a mop up page which had turquoise and green spray on it and some stencil cleaning on it too so I wrote all over it with a pencil.  Then to make sure that it was secret journaling I used an old credit card to scrape some of Dys white paint all over the page.  It mixed with the inks a little bit as they are reactive to water but that was fine as all I was trying to do was to disguise the writing.  As Dys paints are semi translucent it misted out what had been already on the page and lightened it all up,
I then used Dylusions black paint (which is opaque and covers wonderfully with very little paint) and a round blending tool to add the black round the edges and blended it in to the middle.
(**using this white paint to cover over a background is good if you have  background that you dont like or is too bright for you to do something with!! As it leaves some of the previous layers showing through but gives you change to work on top of it with out totally losing all previous work!**)
In the envelope in the front of my journal (it was my Dylusions journal) I already had some images, quotes and magazine images  cut out.  So I went through those and came up with this image.  I also put some others together and put them on other backgrounds in my book and I will finish them later.
I used a collage glue stick to glue down the image and quote.  
I used a Molotow black paint pen to add the lettering and the beads to form the bracelet then a white Signo pen to add the white dots.  I have some water pens with Dylusions inks in them and used those to colour some of the letters on the quote.  I outlined the image using a black pen and a Stabilo write all pencil to create some shadows and added a bit of orange colour with wax crayons round the inside of some of the letters.
After I took this picture I added a few drops of stickles to the image to add a bit of bling!!
Hope you like it.
Have a great Easter!!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Art Workshops - Andy Skinner Weekend

Hi folks I hope you are all looking forward to spring.... when it arrives!!!
I have just been to an Andy Skinner workshop weekend where we did two projects full of loads of different techniques (there were so many that for once I started taking notes because I knew I would not remember what we had done!)
It was another work shop weekend held just outside Middlesburgh and organised by the wonderful Sue Tucker.  
If you would like details of any up coming workshops visit and safe the Art Workshops facebook page. 

This was the first project we did - decorating a mirror!! loved some of the aged effects we got on all the different panels.  I have some new favourite techniques now!!
I cant wait to use them on some of my work!!

Our second project!  I fell in love with the crackle and the rusty clock!!!

One of the great things about the weekend was I got to craft with Bry which is something we very rarely get time to do.  These are his makes!!
I really will have to clean the mirrors though lol!!!

So thanks so much to Sues amazing organisational skills and her unbelievable A-team.  And of course Andy for giving us so much new knowledge to play with!!
Have a good month everyone and check out some of Andy's YouTube videos you will learn loads of new stuff!! have fun!! 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Regular Art Journaling with Kate Crane - March

Hi everyone!!
So it was our Monthly meet this weekend with Kate Crane at AFTH for our regular journal class and this month we got to play with some of Kate's very new stamps from Stampotique!!!  They are brilliant!!! It you would like to get your hands on Kate's new stamps you can get them HERE!
So we did a couple of painty backgrounds with Kate showed us how to use small images on a large page and various ways to colour in her stamps!! 
These are the two pages that I got done!!!

This first one was done in one of my vintage ledgers

This one was done on a piece of card from a cereal box!! one of Kate's favourite substrates!! lol !!
It was a lovely chilled out day getting messy and colouring in!!!
What a way to spend a Sunday and we really appreciated Kate giving up Mothering Sunday for us!!
Thanks Kate your a star!!!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Stampotique ATC swap

Hi everyone!
Last month I rather rashly signed up to take part in and ATC swap which was being arranged on the Stampotique facebook page.  I normally don't sign up for these sort of things because I find that I just don't end up having the time to do them and I hate agreeing to do something and then having to back out.  But this sounded like so much fun that I couldn't resist!!  We had to create  2 ATC's by swapping around parts of different stampotique stamps!!  Great Fun!!!

'Live outside the box'

With this first one I created the background by spraying inks on the paper then I stamped over it with a background stamp in ink which was a similar colour.  I used 3 of the frame stamps and covered up the original head with heads which I had stamped from other characters as well as adding the crown.  I mounted the background on black card as well as the 3 frames. With them stuck in place I added the quote, a little bit of colour to the figures and some doodling and it was done!

'Love 2 Fly'

With this second one I stamped  and coloured the heart (by France Papillon) then stamped out the small bumble bee and several characters (I'm sorry I cant remember the names of them) I swapped out the head and the legs and put new ones in and then stuck the character to the bee so the wings showed!!  I stamped out 'FLY' and stitched round the edge of the card.  Then it was just a matter of sticking them all down and creating some shadows round them.
I was so pleased with this little guy that I was really reluctant to put him in the Post and send him off to Australia!!!   But he arrived safely so it was fine!!

This was one of the ATC's that I received in return.  
It was made by the Valerie H Wilson who designs for Stampotique Originals and it made me giggle when I saw it!!  I really want the parrot stamp made by Magda Polakaw

This is the second ATC that arrived in the post!! It was made by Lisa Mason and the wonderful colours in it cheered me up on a dreary day!!

I loved receiving my ATC's and seeing what other people had come up with in the way of mixing and matching different Stampotique Stamps.
I definitely would take part again it was so much fun.
How about you have a go yourselves!!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

'Live your life in Colour' - canvas workshop with Tracy Scott

As I told you in one of the recent posts there has been some new tutors at AFTH and one of them is Tracy Scott.  I have already done a post about the fast and fabulous class I did with her but now I want to show you the canvas class we did with her last week!!!
I'm always a bit nervous doing canvases - for some reason I find them rather daunting!! Which is probably why the only canvases I have ever done have been ones in a workshop where I am talked through the process step by step.  One of these days I will step right out of my comfort zone and do one myself - but it wont be this week lol!!!!

Though at times I struggled with the process I'm rather pleased with the end result.  Hand drawn flowers, painting and having to do large letters in my own writing should have been enough to send me into a panic, but thanks to Tracy's lovely calm teaching style I didn't.  She talked me through the bits I struggled with and encouraged us to try the bits we weren't sure about and at the end of the day all of the canvases looked amazing and so very different.
I love the vibrant colours and for once I didn't end up turning it too grungy!!!
I hope you all have a great week!
xxx hugs xxx